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"A sterling tribute to dogs through the centuries."

--Kirkus Reviews

Trace the human-dog relationship from its Ice Age birth to the advent of the 21st century with Mary Elizabeth Thurston in this ground-breaking study. From pre-Columbian North America to ancient Egypt and Rome, through Europe’s feudal age, Renaissance and revolutions, dogs have played a significant but often overlooked role in our developing social conscience.

It is through this exploration of our shared past with dogs that our present relationships with canines assume their full meaning, especially in the 21st century as the human race becomes increasingly estranged from the natural world. Drawing on long-forgotten archival documents, first-person accounts, rare photos and artwork, Thurston creates an unforgettable portrait of humanity’s oldest and most enduring animal ally. Discover how the dogs of Victorian England uncannily reflected the divisions of a working class and the aristocracy, and indeed, how dog fashions have echoed our own through the ages.  In chapters on canine soldiers, pet food and ritualized burials, Thurston demonstrates how dogs have come to reflect the values of their caretakers.  "The challenge is not so much to improve the canine race as to improve ourselves and ultimately, our relationship with the natural world at large."


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