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Animal Image is home to one of the most comprehensive private archives of  original historical images and documents pertaining to pets in the country.  The collection is available for licensed commercial and editorial use, and includes  photographs dating from as early as 1855 as well as original engravings, books and three-dimensional artifacts.

Mary Thurston is available for technical and research consultations.   As a former curator and  historian specializing in companion animal history, Mary has worked as a film consultant for documentaries airing on the History Channel, Animal Planet, PBS,  A and E Network, CNN and the BBC.  She is author of the 1996 groundbreaking work, The Lost History of the Canine Race, was a contributing editor to Dr. Johnson's Apple Orchard: the story of America's first pet cemetery (1997),  A Thousand Hounds: the history of the dog in photography (2000), and more recently, two editions of encyclopedia exploring the many ways animals contribute to human life. 

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